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Dedicated delivery systems – the Qenos difference for Australian milk bottle

Plastic milk bottles are probably the most familiar polyethylene (PE) product in Australia. Australians young and old all know the “white bottle with the handle”. With this familiarity there is also long term trust and confidence that the milk that PE milk bottles contain will be fresh and healthy.

Plastic packaging made for food contact needs rigorous quality management and logistics processes to deliver peace of mind and confidence. With decades of experience working with the Australian plastics industry, Qenos has developed great relationships and specialised skills and equipment to ensure that customers logistics needs are met or exceeded.
Qenos has long standing relationships in the Australian plastics industry especially with customers in dairy and food businesses. Understanding the importance of food contact suitability for PE, Qenos has developed a modern approach to logistics and supply that ensures PE product quality and purity.

Qenos has an entire supply chain dedicated to the purity of polyethylene for PE milk bottles. Trucks and tanks and drivers that only do “the milk run” ensure that the dairies get exactly what they need – on time and on quality. The Qenos bulk delivery container fleet is uniquely dedicated to the supply of polyethylene. After delivery of the resin to the dairy blow moulding plant, the Qenos container returns directly to Qenos where the heavyweight liner is removed and a new liner installed for refilling with polyethylene resin. This system effectively manages the risk of contamination and product taint that results from the use of shipping containers from a global pool.

Qenos’ attention to details in delivery of high quality PE product with a high quality approach also applies to the vehicles. The fleet of bulk discharge trailers for PE were custom built for Qenos and only ever used to deliver PE. The trailers are fitted with in-line coolers to prevent product degradation, particularly when delivering in the middle of the Australian summer. Sensitive to site and neighborhood needs, the transfer blowers on the trucks are encased in acoustic enclosures to minimise noise during product unloading.

Many of the personnel involved in the storage and distribution logistics of Qenos PE have been involved in their roles for over 20 years. This gives them an intimate knowledge of Qenos' customers and their requirements, as well as familiarity with customer sites and storage facilities. Great people help to ensure that Qenos always makes high quality deliveries of high quality products.

PE is an ideal material for producing milk bottles since it confers packaging lightness, transparency, low permeability, toughness, is inexpensive, prolongs shelf life, prevents contamination and above all, will not detrimentally alter the characteristics of the food it comes into contact with.

As a key supplier of PE in Australia, Qenos is dedicated to providing dairies with product to continue to make great PE milk bottles just as familiar for generations to come.

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