Qenos Alkatane HDPE blow moulding resins are used in a variety of applications, including containers for juice, milk, detergent and pharmaceuticals, industrial drums and intermediate bulk containers.

Qenos Alkatane grades provide a balance of properties for almost any blow moulding process, from thin walled high speed dairy milk bottles to high molecular weight 1000L cubes. The Qenos Alkatane HDPE blow moulding range also offers a wide processing window and superior environmental stress crack resistance in grades designed for household and industrial chemical containers.

Alkatane HDPE Blow Moulding Grades

GradesMelt Index (g/10min) Density (g/cm3) Technical
SDS RegulationApplications
GM76550.090.954Blow moulded containers including household and industrial chemical (HIC). Suitable for larger part mouldings. Exceptional ESCR performance.
GF76600.300.959Household and industrial chemical (HIC) containers, including detergent and pharmaceutical bottles. Excellent ESCR performance.
GE47600.600.964Blow moulded water, dairy and fruit juice bottles.
HD64000.700.965High speed dairy packaging applications and other thin walled bottles such as millk, cream, fruit juice and cordial

Melt Index based on ASTM D1238 @ 190C, 2.16kg

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