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In Australia, Qenos has an unsurpassed technical understanding of making polyethylene (PE) milk bottles. Qenos is able to share this expertise with its dairy customers in an innovative on-site technical training program.

Qenos provides classroom training for PE blow moulding personnel, with an emphasis on the specific blow moulding equipment most commonly used in Australia in making PE milk bottles. Experienced technical personnel from Qenos conduct training on the dairy customer's site.

The training program covers a range of details important to understanding and running Uniloy reciprocating extrusion blow moulding machines. These include: factors affecting good bottle production, fine tuning the settings of the extrusion blow moulding machine; volumetrics and shrinkage issues; good practices to avoid off-specification issues; and troubleshooting guidance.

As a part of the technical training, Qenos provides attendees with a "Blow Moulding Manual", a pocket "Trouble Shooting Guide" and a detailed summary of the presentations. Qenos' dairy customers have found the training to be useful not only to machine operators (especially those that are new to blow moulding) but also to maintenance personnel.

Qenos technical specialists can also provide training on HDPE dairy grade production (how polyethylene is made), polyethylene molecular structure, properties and relationship to blow moulding properties, melt processing, dairy grade specification, quality control and testing. Dairy customers find that this extra knowledge about Qenos PE milk bottles gives them greater confidence in the blow moulding, bottling and delivery stages.

As an Australian manufacturer, Qenos has the advantage of local people with local knowledge. Qenos has long standing relationships in the Australian plastics industry especially with customers in dairy and food businesses. The experienced Qenos team is always available to work with customers to meet their individual PE needs.

The Qenos technical team have been working with PE for many years. This gives them a practical knowledge of Qenos' customers and their requirements, as well as familiarity with customer equipment and issues. Great people help to ensure that Qenos always give high quality support to high quality products.

As a key supplier of PE in Australia, Qenos is dedicated to providing dairies with product and product knowledge to continue to make great PE milk bottles.

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