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Did you know that each Australian drinks about 102 litres of milk every year?

As a nation, this year we are on track to drink a staggering 2.4 billion litres of milk and PE milk bottles made from Qenos resin are integral for the delivery of milk across the breakfast table every day.

With over thirty years working with the dairy industry, Qenos understands the need for on-time, on-specification delivery of our locally developed Alkatane HDPE to meet Australian dairies’ needs every day.

As a local supplier, Qenos has long history and strong relationships with the Australian dairy and packaging industries and in working together to bring updated products to meet local needs. The latest HDPE plastics have been optimised to run with maximum efficiency and reliability in milk bottle production.

The need for leak free, light weight performance is clearly understood and met by Qenos’ PE, giving milk bottles of improved design and durability and an ability to be light-weighted– using a little less plastic for each PE milk bottle. And, because they are fully recyclable, Qenos PE milk bottles are re-appearing as furniture, mobile bins, decking and other items.

Qenos has an entire supply chain dedicated to the purity of polyethylene for PE milk bottles. Trucks and tanks and drivers that only do “the milk run” ensure that the dairies get exactly what they need. The Qenos bulk delivery container fleet is uniquely dedicated to the supply of polyethylene. After delivery of the resin to the dairy blow moulding plant, the Qenos container returns directly to Qenos where the heavyweight liner is removed and a new liner installed for refilling with polyethylene resin. This system effectively manages the risk of contamination and product taint that may result from the use of shipping containers from a global pool.

Qenos HDPE for milk bottles has the technical back-up and support of an experienced team. Australian based production, laboratory, sales, logistics, delivery and technical specialists all understand the need for the right product for blow moulding plastic milk bottles.

Qenos PE milk bottles have been helping Australians satisfy their thirst for milk for over 30 years.

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