06 June 2023, ALTONA

Congratulations to Kathryn McDonald, Altona Engineering & Business Improvement Manager, who was recently presented with Sinochem's 'Outstanding Individual of the Year' award.

This recognition is for Kathryn's significant contribution to the Altona Reconfiguration Project where she had the responsibility to lead the technical engineering team to determine what would be required to enable (Scal-2) to be able to operate on a stand-alone basis. Scal-2 was not originally designed as a stand-alone plant, it was integrated into the Scal-1 operating units. Once Kathryn and her team had determined what was required, it was then necessary to engineer the new plant and equipment, have it fabricated, installed, operating technicians trained and the equipment commissioned mostly within an 8-10 month window.

Kathryn demonstrated great leadership, drive and commitment throughout the project whilst also ensuring the base engineering team continued to support the on-going operation of the business.

Whilst keeping a tight focus on the work schedule, Kathryn demonstrated great ability to look ahead for roadblocks and potential barriers to achieve the outcomes necessary.

Kathryn's efforts were relentless, outcomes needed to be delivered to ensure business continuity. Challenging her team to look for alternatives, and functional solutions, enabled all projects were successfully delivered without any SH&E incidents, commissioned on time and well under budget.

A very deserving award and worthy of celebration!