18 March 2020

At Qenos, our highest priority is the health and safety of our people, our customers and our communities. Alongside the rest of Australia, we are managing within a rapidly evolving environment due to COVID-19.

A cross-functional response team reporting to the Qenos executive has been created and tasked with the development and implementation of risk management plans and controls. The Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 health response advisories are being used to guide our actions (see link). This web page will be updated regularly as we take measures in response to COVID-19.


Manufacturing and logistics security
Qenos is a local manufacturer with ex-stock supply and is positioning itself to maintain continuity of supply to customers. In addition to a substantial inventory of polyethylene, Qenos maintains a robust inventory of key materials such as additives and catalysts.

Our Procurement department has reviewed our requirements and is addressing any areas of potential exposure. Additionally, the Qenos Supply Chain team is working closely with our logistics and warehouse provider (Toll) to monitor its management of the situation.

Product safety
Qenos polyethylene grades (Alkadyne, Alkatane, Alkamax, Alkathene and Alkatuff) and ethylene feed stock (the dominant component from which polyethylene is synthesised) are manufactured in Australia at Qenos production sites.

Qenos polyethylene is produced using either synthetic or vegetable derived monomers, comonomers, catalysts, adjuvants and additives. The manufacturing of polyethylene occurs in sealed equipment, and requires very high mechanical shear forces, high temperatures and high pressures.

Product safety is of the highest importance to Qenos. There are currently no known concerns for the safety of Qenos product linked to COVID-19.


Social Distancing for Qenos staff, customers and the industry
From 23 January, Qenos ceased all business travel to and from affected areas. From 16 March, Qenos extended the restrictions to a suspension of all non-essential international and domestic travel.

Qenos is restricting all non-essential visitors to Qenos sites and also restricting Qenos staff visits to external sites. We will maintain a high level of customer communication by telephone, email and video conferencing facilities. Your direct Qenos contact in sales, customer service or technical support will continue be available to support your needs.

Maintaining a safe operational and business environment in a challenging period

Qenos manufacturing sites are classified as Major Hazard Facilitates and as such must comply with a specific set of operational, safety, health and environmental requirements. Our COVID-19 steering team has developed business continuity plans for numerous operational scenarios, including the safe shutdown of one or more manufacturing plants in the unlikely event this becomes absolutely necessary.

At Qenos we remain committed to supporting our staff, customers and the wider industry throughout this time. Please take care and thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions or need further information about Qenos’ response to COVID-19, please contact us.

Stephen Bell, CEO Qenos