nw_BDC_PE Film Puncture Test


Bread bags made of plastic film are not new but the latest technology means these everyday products are keeping up with the times.

Fresh bread is an important staple for Australian families and Qenos polyethylene (PE) has been used to manufacture Australian bread bags for many years. The latest Qenos technology, Alkamax® PE, with its purpose designed polymer architecture, delivers a thinner or down gauged film, with excellent clarity and lower overall cost. Importantly, because the bread bag is thinner, there is less packaging waste by weight to landfill, it uses less material to produce and consumes less fuel to transport, reducing overall environmental impact.

The Alkamax® PE film grades are manufactured using a cutting edge metallocene catalyst system which produces plastic film with very specific and consistent properties. These plastic films have improved mechanical performance, the ability to be down gauged and are rated for food contact use according to Australian Standards.

Bread is just one important food benefiting from new plastic film packaging. PE film suitable for food packaging is used thoroughout the food supply chain – enabling convienient, safe, high strength, low weight packaging to move food to us – be it many miles from the country food processor to supermarket to pantry – or just from the bakery to home.

As a local supplier, Qenos has long history working with the Australian food and packaging industry to meet local needs. Alkamax® PE film grades are the “freshest” film development from Qenos – keeping your bread fresh and enabling cost savings and environmental benefits through down gauge film. Less is more when it comes to the latest plastic films.

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