Polyethylene (PE) made in Australia by Qenos is an important element of many everyday products. Milk bottles, bread bags and ice coolers made of plastic are not new but the latest technology means they are keeping up with the times.

Whilst Qenos might not be a household name others including PURA milk, Tip Top, Saxa salt, Tim Tams, Smiths Crisps, VB, White King, Glad, Morning Fresh, Willow and Huggies are familiar names and familiar packages that have relied on the performance and integrity of Australian made Qenos PE for many years.

As a local supplier, Qenos has a long history working with the Australian food and packaging industry to meet local needs. Qenos understands that packaging needs to be fit for purpose – keeping the contents in, resisting damage and ensuring foods from bread to chocolate to milk are fresh and ready to eat.

The high strength and low weight combination of Qenos PE makes it the ideal choice for all types of food packaging. The performance of PE packaging enables the convenient and safe delivery of food across Australia, be it many miles from the country food processor to the supermarket to the pantry – or just from the bakery to home.

Qenos PE is also used in containers for many household products such as detergents and cleaners. The specific compatibility with chemicals such as bleach and detergent is an important capability that is tested and qualified by Qenos and brand owners before products reach supermarket shelves.

As part of the Australian plastics industry Qenos is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. Qenos, along with its customers and suppliers, is continually involved in efforts to reduce overall environmental impact. This includes thinner and lighter packaging, redesigning to use less, and encouraging recycling and reuse.

Some packages are combinations of PE with other materials – such as carton board for milk cartons and stand up food pouches – each use a thin layer of PE for sealing and food freshness. Then there are multilayer films and foils such as in potato chip and chocolate packaging. PE brings important properties to these as well.

In every case the Qenos PE is doing its job when the product reaches the customer freshly, safely and conveniently - and is chosen time and time again. Polyethylene from Qenos – an important part of many Australian products that you know and trust.