The Qenos Altona Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) is a commitment by Qenos to reduce the impacts its operations could have on the environment and its neighours.

Qenos consults with local residents, the City of Hobsons Bay and City West Water through the Altona Complex Neighbourhood Consultative Group (ACNCG) process and includes feedback from this process in formulating the EIP action lists.

The first Qenos EIP was launched in 1994 and the current EIP is an ongoing integral element of the Qenos Environmental Management System.

The annual EIP action list is finalised in Q1 of each year and contains environment improvement projects and environment management actions. Progress on completion of the EIP action list is reported periodically to the ACNCG.

Both the 2018 EIP action list with year-end status, together with the 2019 EIP action list are attached below.

2018 EIP Action list year end status

2019 EIP Action list