Name: Keith

Start date at Qenos: 2009

Current Position:
Graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

  • Design and Implement Upgrade projects for both Instrument and Electrical equipment
  • Research and Develop obsolescence plans for plant equipment
  • Work with other Engineers and Technicians to solve plant equipment problems
  • Design software upgrades for the plant DCS (Distributed Control System)
  • Investigate Safety Issues for cause and design solution to remove risk of future incidents
  • Involved in the company's UAP (Unsafe Acts Prevention) initiative

Positions at Qenos:
  • Vacation Student (2007-2008)
  • Engineering Student (2008)

Best Thing about working at Qenos:
It would have to be the people/culture followed closely by the diversity of the work. The culture at Qenos is really team orientated with a strong safety theme. Everyone is always willing to support each other to achieve improvements to the plant and work place, as a graduate engineer this is invaluable. The safety message runs through everything we are involved in on a daily basis, you know you are going to get home safe each day. There is a real opportunity to be involved in all aspects of engineering work from design all the way through to commissioning. These experiences have opened my eyes to the world of possibilities.