Wheelie bins are made from robust polyethylene (PE) and these days each bin is made containing a significant amount of recycled plastic. Qenos is a proud supplier of quality PE to SULO, who has manufactured in excess of 10 million Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs) for the Australian market.

They are common and familiar now, but 20 years ago wheelie bins were a new and unusual sight on kerbs around Australia. Qenos PE has been used in MGB production since they were first introduced in Australia. Now SULO has produced over 10 million MGBs at their purpose built production facility in NSW, each MGB is manufactured with quality Qenos PE.

The life of a wheelie bin is extreme - exposed to all weather, knocked and bumped during emptying and while parked kerbside. And all the while a wheelie bin must securely store everything household rubbish from garden refuse to bottles and glass.

Qenos has specialised understanding of the requirements of MGB material and it needs to be tough, durable and UV resistant. The tough service life of MGB’s is planned and tested for when the polymer is produced. High resistance to impact and abrasion, high tolerance to environmental stress cracking and long term resistance to UV degradation are features of the Qenos PE grades used in by SULO to manufacture MGB’s.

Qenos and SULO also put the MGB through rigorous testing for performance, including testing for compliance to the Australian Standard AS 4123 for Mobile Waste Containers. This includes impact and drop testing, to demonstrate the MGB’s robust and long term performance.

Qenos HDPE is suitable for making a large durable product, and is ideal for moulding quickly and efficiently. SULO MGB’s can also contain up to 30% recycled PE sourced from out of service MGBs, PE milk bottles and other PE packaging, and the quality Qenos PE can be efficiently blended with recycled material.

As a local supplier, Qenos has long history and strong relationships with the Australian plastics industry, and now over 20 years, this partnership has delivered ten million ways to recycle.

Australian made - and recycled - Qenos polyethylene provides the tough, durable and UV resistant materials for MGBs. Qenos PE is great for injection moulding – and your MGB is an example of both robust PE performance and recycling – on your doorstep!

HDPE Injection Moulding Grades