The first ACNCG meeting for 2015 was held at Qenos on April 9th with each ACNCG company reporting on 2014 performance. The Qenos April 2015 ACNCG Presentation shows the trends in the key areas for the 2010 to 2014 period. There are general continuous improvement trends on most indicators across the period with energy and greenhouse indicators also having step change improvement in 2014. The implementation of the Altona Revamp and Cogeneration projects have delivered this with further improvement expected in 2015 as the gains from these projects are consolidated.

A significant reduction in the Olefins site flare use was achieved in 2014 and together with utilising the flare noise meters installed in late 2013 has reduced the community noise associated with the flares operation. The Qenos noise EIP development was finalised through 2014 and early 2015 thorugh our ACNCG community consultative process. The EIP which was submitted to EPA for approval in April 2015 is expected to further reduce community noise impact.

Further improvement in these environmental indicators is expected in 2015 through the implementation of the EIPs and consolidation of the operation of the recent investments.

Qenos continue to initiate and participate in community consultation. In 2014 the ACNCG website had a significant upgrade which will enhance our ability to communicate with our neighbour’s in a prompt and transparent manner. The upgraded website has responsive design to allow browsing via different media and a feature where people can subscribe to updates notification by email.

Qenos hosted numerous site visits for industry and community groups while local & regional sporting bodies and entities are the key recipients of Qenos sponsorships.